TRACES Journal | Year 2

Call for Papers – TRACES is an independent four-monthly refereed journal, launched within the European research programme Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts: From Intervention to Co-Production.

TRACES invites scholars, researchers, artists, educators, to submit critical reflections on the theme of “Europe, Heritages in/from the margins”, investigating how in/from the margins we can support the development of a more reflexive idea of Europe (Römhild 2009). We look for contributions exploring innovative heritages practices drawing on an open, processual and flexible understanding of European identity and heritage, strengthening democracy, fostering negotiation and facilitating ways of dealing with conflict. We seek to explore how heritages in/from the margins—be them cultural, social, economic, religious, physical, visible or invisible, real or imagined, locational or relational—could contribute to European integration and cultural cohesion, nurturing a reflexive Europeanisation as a bedrock for a democratic and enlightened public imagination of European identity.

A multi-disciplinary scientific committee will select contributions to be published in the printed and digital, open-access version of the magazine with its ISSN.

TRACES welcomes visual essays (max 10000 types including spaces and essential references, with 8-12 images), dialogues (interviews, max 6000-18000 types, with 3 images), short papers (max 6000 types, with 4-6 images) and full papers (max 22500 types, with 9-11 images). The contributions, all in English, should be e-mailed as attached documents to, where other inquiries may also be addressed.

Deadline for submissions:

September 15, 2017 (visual essays for digital publication);

December 01, 2017 (dialogues);

April 01, 2018 (short and full papers)

Full details can be found here.