Probing Provenance: Sources, Methods and Implications

Probing Provenance: Sources, Methods and Implications Workshop

28 March 2018 (Institute for Historical Research, London)

Hosted by The Society for the History of Collecting.

The Society for the History of Collecting is pleased to announce a workshop on provenance on 28th March 2018. It will bring together distinguished researchers with a range of geographical and period expertise (including Kate Hill, Melanie Aspey, Claire Wintle, Alexis Ashot, Niko Munz and Alexandra Gerstein). The aim is to have a broad methodological discussion that introduces provenance as a concept and a practice: what skills it requires; what sources it can draw on; how it can be effectively deployed; what other histories and processes it can illuminate.

Provenance is a central tool and indispensable concept within the history of collecting and art history. Not only does it permit scholars to retrace the chain of lost collections, and to reconstruct the biography of an object. Provenance can also act as badge of esteem, a promise of authenticity, a financial asset and a narrative device. In recent years, it has generated not just vast digital databases centred on the art market, but also fascinating international exhibitions and intense clashes over the restitution of cultural property. Provenance is not merely one more research tool, then. Rather, it is central for understanding the itinerary of objects and the transformative effects of ownership.

The event is open to all, and doctoral students and early career researchers are especially welcome to attend.

The workshop has been organized by Adriana Turpin (Chairman of the Society), Tom Stammers (University of Durham), Silvia Davoli (Strawberry Hill Trust/ University of Oxford) and Barbara Pezzini (University of Manchester/ National Gallery).

For any questions about the day please contact Tom Stammers.

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